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"I saw Thérèse, and I think there was hardly a dry eye in the movie theater after the film was over. It was all presented with such a beautiful touch of sensitivity and humor. It's a magnificent film. Thérèse is destined to be a classic."

~ Fr. Andrew Apostoli - Franciscan Friar of the Renewal, Author, and EWTN Host

"This film is a beautiful two-hour retreat from the world where you can soften your heart. You feel refreshed coming out of this movie."

~ Matthew Pinto - Ascension Press, Author, Co-Founder of Envoy and CatholicExchange.com

"There is a kind of color and gentleness which is not commonly present in movies, and it becomes something refreshing because it is distinctive. There is a quality about Therese that comes through as so attractive; the charm of innocence draws you in."

~ Fr. Mitch Pacwa - Author, EWTN Host, and Founder of Ignatius Productions

"From the very start of this beautiful film, lovingly made, and produced with unsparing effort to the highest industry standards in every department, Luke Films has pulled off a tremendous cinematic achievement. The biggest reason Defilippis succeeds in capturing on film this "inner story" of a great modern saint is because he understands the subject well and tells her story with a spiritual, yet profoundly human approach."

~ Anthony Ryan - Director of Marketing, Ignatius Press

"I think this movie is going to be a catalyst for healing. Many people will see the little way of St. Thérèse and they will see themselves through watching the movie. They will be able to take a good look at their own souls. I think it will be massive what the film will do."

~ Michael Arsenault - Canadian Distributor of Religious Goods

"[Thérèse] is a mirror of what's in us. I am impressed with Luke Films' vision and understanding of the importance of a Catholic voice within the entertainment industry...I encourage Catholics to support Thérèse any way they can."

~ Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago

"The best film on her inspiring life."

~ Archbishop John P. Foley, President, Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Vatican

"A marvelous production revealing the spiritual and missionary message of the life of Saint Thérèse."

~ Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, President, Pontifical Mission Societies, Vatican

"I believe we underestimate the power of a film like Thérèse. This film can help in nations considering civil strife, in countries having terrible problems of poverty, in wealthy countries...Therese holds a profound message for my country...for everyone."

~ Fr. John E. Kozar, National Director, Pontifical Mission Societies, New York

"Thérèse is a masterpiece! Of all the films I have seen on Saint Thérèse, it is the best."

~ Fr. Donald Kinney, O.C.D., Chairman of the relics of Saint Thérèse in the United States